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East Sepik River, Papua New Guinea

The spirit and connection to crocodiles in the Sepik River are fascinating from the scarification to manhood, to their carvings, beliefs and way of life around these animals.

The people in the villages along the Sepik River and its tributaries are the most active carvers in New Guinea. Each village has its distinctive styles.

The individual elements of the masks are complex. They often refer directly or indirectly to ancestor or clan spirits and totems such as pig, cassowary (muruk), crocodile (pukpuk), eagle (taragau), or a water and bush bird (saun). There are many different types of masks for different purposes.

This is a substantial side skull adorned with cowrie shells. They still kill and eat them and provide crocodiles to mainland holdings crocodile farm in Lae which in return support their community. #crocodiles #crocodile #papuanewguinea #sepikriver @ Kanganaman,

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