Wildlife Adventurer

Do you use your wildlife adventures to help people?

Yes, that’s exactly what I do:

My love of animals, and how they resolve conflicts in the wild, is the backbone of my motivational speech to inspire people to get out there and live their dream.

Some people see others doing what they want to do and think, “I can’t do that! I don’t have the skills and I’m too afraid to give it a go.”

It’s like trying to get a ball to roll across the ground;

Break the steps down …

Take the first step… roll the ball. If it doesn’t work … try again!

Okay, you’re going to hit bumps. That’s just how it goes.

But once you start, you’ll soon discover how to go around, over, or under obstacles … to keep the ball rolling.

I used my passion, my love of the wildlife, to overcome my fear of being a speaker and it opened doors I never knew existed.

And I used the ball rolling example above to start the process.

Simple, small steps … one-at-a-time!

Try it. I think you’ll enjoy the results.

Do you have a marine biologist or environmental scientific degree?

Well, actually, no I don’t.

But I did complete my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Griffith University back in 2006 … along with a Certificate 3 in Captive Animal Management.

I also started an Environmental Management degree (by coursework), majoring in Conversation Biology in 2011.

However, a job opportunity in the Northern territory came along, (which was too inviting to refuse). So, I haven’t been back to university as yet.

Having really incredible mentors over the years has expanded my knowledge enormously.

And when I put that together with a lot of volunteer work … my personal interest and a passion for what I do …

Then throw in a great deal of research, and reading, and hard work, and focus, and a go-getter attitude …

Well, I think you get the idea:

My life is one long incredible journey into the wild and it not only sustains me … it continually teaches me about how we all are part of this remarkable planet.

And I love being a speaker who demonstrates how others can achieve similar results

'Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. " - Gary Snyder