Wildlife Adventurer

Sea snakes are one of my favourites.

Although highly venomous, they tend to go on their activities unfazed by observers. Sometimes curious but gentle creatures. These images are from Scott and Seringapatam reef.

It was really neat to see my guests gain an appreciation for sea snakes rather than want to jump back in the boat when they see one. These reefs have about 17 different species, some only live out there, they don’t migrate large distances and they are vulnerable to changes in the environment, comparing them to the canaries in the colmine but for our marine environments. Researchers are still finding out so much interesting information about them even that they have these vibration sensors on their scales, they can dive to 70m, and they can absorb up to 25% of oxygen through their skin.

Big thanks to @seasnakeblanche who has helped me work out some of the identifications of sea snakes.